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Amerisleep Liberty Mattress

Amerisleep Liberty Mattress



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            The Amerisleep is the most enviro-friendly foam manufacturer in the world. The brand of Liberty mattresses is among the largest selling mattresses from the house of Amerisleep. They are the pioneering mattress company. They are more aware and concerned about the health issues than to give the customers a multi-dollar mattress made of harmful materials.

            While making each unit of the mattress, Amerisleep keeps the strong impact of the products in their minds. They have entirely revolutionised the process of manufacturing and deliver their products with environmentally friendly packaging.

            Apart from the rest – competing market:

            Amerisleep’s highest selling mattress, the Liberty is one of the leading environ friendly mattresses in the consumer market. They neatly craft their mattresses with bio materials which allow them to use more petroleum based products with the natural ones. Their mattresses are infused with celliant fibre which allows the body to absorb the energy more efficiently giving you a sound sleep. Hence you would spend less time being awake all through the night.


            Quality and Durability:

            When it comes to the longevity of your mattress, the quality process in manufacturing is an important factor. When one pays for a convenient mattress he or she should check it thoroughly. So, while inspecting each and every minute aspect of zipper works, vulnerability, loose threads etc these should be doubly checked.

            This particular liberty mattress itself is very well constructed.  One can open it and check it for the foam as to whether they are perfectly placed or not. And more than that they all feel strong and sturdy, which is really important for an everlasting mattress. It’s the zipper that seems really a tad difficult bit to open and close but the cover attached to it has no ripped seams.


            Apart from the minor fault across the zipper the mattress is overall durable. The cover of the product is tight and well gripped without much stretch to it, so one need to be a bit careful while washing the cover. The bottom of the mattresses comes in with a washable cover that is likely to tear very easily if handled roughly. If you handle it with care, there will not be any issue keeping the mattress in a perfect shape.

            All you need to do is to put a mattress within an encasement protection. This will help to keep the bugs and other such nasty allergens and critters out of it which possibly can void the warranty attached to the product.

            Warranty and Returns :

            Amerisleep’s Liberty range of mattresses comes with a product warranty of 20 years. Another unique return trial feature is that you can use the mattress for 100 trial nights. In case you are unsatisfied, you can just give a call to the agents and they will refund you in full and pick the mattress up. When the mattress is returned, Amerisleep coordinates with the local charities to donate the mattress to those in need.

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