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            One of the newly launched mattresses, Eve Mattress came into the consumer market in the year 2011, but right from its inception they have sold the product to a nearly ten thousand group of people.

            Construction Base of the mattress:

            The Eve Mattress is being constructed with majorly four components- The cover, new generation memory foam, breathable comfort layer and high density base layer. Made out of oven polyester, the knitted cover gives the perfect soft surface to sleep while creating a removable and washable cover for constant freshness. The mattress is zippered all the way which makes removal in an easy and quick way while keeping dirt and dust out.


            Support in the Edge:

            In most of the foam based mattresses with memory forms it seems that one gets a good edge support as compared to a usual regular mattress. Along with that they use inner springs to provide solid support at the edges.

            Since the memory foam is porous and breathable it increases the airflow and helps to keep u free from fungus, molds and dust mites. This alleviates any kind of allergic or asthmatic symptoms while you are in your bed.

            Conclusion: While it is seen that since most of the mattresses are equipped with those button things that makes a pattern all across the bed. The Eve has got a smooth cover which is made of polyester from the finest materials which helps to promote a better regulation of temperature and it also does not have an over padded and bulky pillow feel.


            Moreover the Eve mattress has got a pure cooling agent all since the material which protects it is attached to and is not very thick. Along with it the heat does not get trapped into it. It is to be mentioned that the foam made of polyurethane is somewhat colder than most of the other foams, it goes in sync with the breath-ability of the mattress which keeps it cooler. And it works well with all the bed bases: box spring, slatted and divan. One can even use it along with the adjustable beds, but it is recommended that it should be kept flat when one is not using it. Coming in with an excellent firmness the eve is ideal for those who are looking for something between a rock and a cotton ball and while as soon as one breaks it in a little, it is likely to soften up a bit.

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