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Helix Mattress

Helix Mattress



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            • Material Quality
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            A variety of mattresses are available in the market. We always look for a comfortable and a good quality mattress. Helix Mattress offers you the comfort so that you can relax peacefully.

            Materials Utilised for making Helix Mattress-

            Helix Mattress is made in the USA and the materials used are:

            • Synthetic Dunlop Latex.
            • Pocketed Mini Coils.
            • Regular Foam.
            • Base Foam.
            • Cover- The cover is basically made of polyester and is non-removable.

            This mattress provides comfort according to its size. And depending on its size the prices are different.

            A plus point of Helix mattress is that- it can be modified according to an individual’s requirement. For instance, if a person needs a firm mattress, the mattress can be made accordingly. But, if a person is looking for extreme high firmness then he may be disheartened as firmness will depend on the normal ranges.

            If we talk about the conforming ability of a mattress which provides a good support to the body, Helix Mattress can be found to have this ability. Since the mattress is customizable, the performance of every mattress may vary slightly. Above all, the Helix Mattress is better than the average in this regard.

            You feel bad when you find that your mattress is disturbing the other person when you move or take turns in your bed. To avoid this, you will always look for the one which doesn’t disturb another person while sleeping. Helix Mattress will be a good option for you. But sometimes, you may find disturbance and that won’t be that extreme.

            Whenever you go to buy a mattress you find an odor coming out of the mattress. Not every of them smells that bad. In this regard, Helix Mattress performs well. You will not find the odor lasting for a longer period of time.

            Sometimes, if you don’t feel much comfortable in a mattress, you get a topper placed on top of it. The topper provides you with extra comfort and warmth. But for the Helix Mattress, you will not have to add any toppers as the mattress itself will give you that comfort.


            Levels of comfort for different sized people:

            Different sized people look for different sized mattresses. Some people who are light in weight may feel comfortable in this mattress, while for some others who are very light may find it firm. Since a very light person don’t exert much pressure on the bed, they may feel uncomfortable.

            Since, the foam used in Helix Mattress is less dense than several other mattresses; heavy sized people may not find it ideal to sleep. These persons require a mattress which is thick in size and which provides a good support to their body. Therefore, Helix Mattress may not be a good option for the Heavy sized people.

            Additionally, this mattress is a good choice for the ones who are back sleepers. As the mattress is customizable, back sleepers can take a good advantage of this.

            Also, side sleepers and stomach sleepers will find it comfortable in some respect. It will be different for a heavy sized people, since, for them it may not provide enough support.

            The Helix Mattress is light in weight because of which it can be easily lifted.

            Apart from the points mentioned above, a person may sometimes feel hot while sleeping on this mattress.

            Therefore, Helix Mattress should be preferred if you want a mattress customised according to your comfort level.


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