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            When it comes to sleep one can never compromise with an ordinary mattress. So, here is an ideal mattress solution to better your sleep to kick start your mornings – The Hyphen Mattress. The Hyphen Mattress is ideally structured to give you a better sleep in a healthy way. This mattress is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle and gives the world a universal mattress that is ideal for every home and is at the same time very low on expense.

            Materials Used:

            Unlike other mattresses which are made artificially with fluffy materials and sold at an exorbitant price, Hyphen has created a mattress range after several rounds of testing.

            The Hyphen Mattress holds on to the promise of giving you a healthy night’s sleep after a really tiring day. Sleep can never be a luxury but it’s a necessity. And at hyphen they promise their customers to recharge and rejuvenate after a tiring day’s effort.

            Now the first and the foremost thing that distinguishes Hyphen from other mattresses is its Hyphen Foam. It perfectly moulds the body in, provides excellent motion support and doesn’t make you uncomfortable like those hot memory foams. It is the ideal way to get a good night’s sleep and wake up to a fresh morning.


            Temperature Control:

            One unique feature of Hyphen is that it has a lot of temperature regulation controls. It is particularly ventilated for a cooler sleep and doesn’t allow the hot air to transfuse inside your mattress making it feel comfortable for you. It also has an adaptive temperature regulation feature such as breathable technique which adapts aptly to the body temperature. As your body temperature rises, Hyphen will work to take that temperature and exhale it out for a relaxed breeze. Then the body temperature decreases, providing you an effortless sleep.


            Hyphen comes in with a twenty year warranty period. The warranty period covers any irregular impressions or indentations and manufacturer defects. And similar to other mattresses you can rotate the Hyphen mattress hundred and eighty degrees for maximum utilisation.

            With a large range of mattresses in the consumer market today, it is quite difficult to find one that truly delivers what it promises. The Hyphen is convincingly one of those mattresses that rightly live up to its claims. It is quite evident from the above mentioned features that the Hyphen mattress is all about comfort. Comfort plays an ideal role in how a person sleeps. If the bed makes you uncomfortable you might probably wake up to a cranky self or would have sheer discomfort while waking up. So when it comes to an overall support this mattress provides it all. It also helps to reduce pressure points throughout the body to improve circulation and supports the muscle recovery process. Now next time you are up for a mattress purchase give it a shot to try this excellent set of Hyphen mattresses.

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