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            The Layla Mattress is the pioneering range of mattresses in the series of dual sided copper built memory foam based mattresses. It provides a lot of health benefits as the copper reduces the joint inflammation and releases several allergies including joint pain and stiffness. Many different brands give different brand positioning but Layla mattress rightfully promises to deliver the most comfortable and support laden mattress possible. The first thing they do and which most of the competing brands fail to do is that they listen to the customer and take their point of view and create a mattress on the basis of these vital points such as comfort, cooling, airflow and good health. The Layla brand took all their consumer feedback into consideration and created a unique selling mattress that has the airflow necessary to keep oneself cool and healthy.


            Layla mattress makes the use of copper which helps to promote good blood circulation in the body. Most of you know that copper bracelets are quite in trend and many people undergoing therapy wear such bracelets. The Layla mattress works in the same way as in case of those bracelets. Copper emits anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants which leads to a comfortable sleep. This helps to improve the blood flow in the body hence helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle


            Features of Temperature Regulation:

            The Layla Mattress offers a complete range of temperature regulation features. As the mattress is copper infused and the reason they use copper is because copper naturally keeps the heat away, is also a great inflammation and joint pain reliever and when the copper gets combined in with the memory foam, it creates a sound sleeping environment.

            Another characteristic of this mattress is the supreme density copper infused memory foam. Here you get a perfect combination of comfort and cooling at the same time but it is on the softer side. The soft side has got a layer of memory foam with copper which gives a softer feel due to the ridges in the foam below.

            Summary :

            This Layla mattress is highly durable and the foams used in it are sturdy and comfortable. The only negative aspect is that this mattress has dual sides for different firmnesses, which makes it a little difficult to flip. Apart from that all the other factors of the mattress are upto the mark. There are host of good qualities like amazing price, range, comfort and health benefits which surely gives it an advantage when compared to competing products. In case you are facing any ailments such as arthritis, chronic neck, osteoarthritis, back and hip pain or to say fibromyalgia this mattress works in to heal the pain just like how therapy bracelets made of copper are used by medical practitioners for patients to cure pain and readily gives you a good healthy lifestyle.

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