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Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress



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            The most important things that we consider when we go to buy a mattress are support, hardness and its conforming ability. A bad mattress means a poor sleep. And a poor sleep means an unhealthy life.


            Materials Used:

            The Purple Mattress is made of polymer grid which makes the surface of the mattress cool and comfortable. It also consists of support foam which gives a comfortable support to your body and base foam. The cover is made of polyester/viscose.

            Reduces Pressure Points:

            In comparison with the other average mattress, Purple mattress provides less pressure point giving you a comfortable sleep. It also properly conforms to a person’s body.

            You will also not have much back pain while sleeping on this mattress. It all depends on the sleeping position of the person on the mattress. Since, it consists of density foam; it gives a good support level.

            An advantage of Purple Mattress is that it doesn’t disturb the other person while taking turns. And for best results stretchy sheets are used.

            Sometimes, you find odor coming out from the mattress which lasts for a very longer period of time. But for the Purple Mattress you will not find any of this as the odor is light and doesn’t last for long.

            Regarding noise, Purple mattress doesn’t create disturbance due to the noise. You will sleep peacefully as it doesn’t produce unwanted sounds.


            This mattress is a little less suited for average sized people. The people who are back sleepers prefer to sleep on this mattress. On the other hand, it provides a good comfort and support for the people who are large in size. Due to its smaller thickness, for some large people they may find bottoming out when they are seated on the bed. Otherwise, everything else seems fine. It becomes uncomfortable for people who are small in size because for them it is too firm and therefore, they always look for a less firm mattress. In this matter, for small sized people, Purple mattress would not be a good option to choose from.

            The Down Side

            Apart from the advantages, the Purple Mattress also has its disadvantages. The foremost one is that there is only one model available for purchase. And hence, you will not find any varieties for this item. In respect of the size of the mattress, it is not suitable for people who are over six foot to three inches tall.

            Another disadvantage is that the mattress is heavier than the average mattress because of which it’s not that easy to move or handle. You will need more people to lift the mattress if you have to shift it to some other place.

            Additionally, another feature that should be looked upon is the support of the edge the mattress provides. Concerning this, the people who are large in size may find it uncomfortable to sleep as well as to sit as there is a tendency to fall from the bed. But for small or medium sized people this problem is not so severe.

            Thus, every mattress consists of some advantages as well as disadvantages. Keeping the advantages of Purple mattresses in mind, people can buy this if they are looking for a mattress with less pressure and no noise.

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