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Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress



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            Saatva mattress is made in USA and it is better known for its top-rated innerspring. It consists of a support system made up of steel coils. To increase the comfort level of the mattress, various foams and fibers are added.

            The Saatva mattress is highly satisfied by the customer than the average mattresses. The main reason behind this is the strong customer service it provides. For instance, if a person has to exchange or replace the product, it is done without making the customer unhappy.

            The value of this product increases with size. As it consists of coil to coil system which is mostly found in those beds that are high in price, Saatva’s price is a bit high in this regard.


            Saatva comes with three levels of firmness to choose from. One is plush soft which is good for side sleepers and quite good for back and stomach sleepers. The other one is luxury firm which is good for both back and stomach sleepers whereas for side sleepers it may range from good to fair. The last one is Firm which is somewhat good for back and stomach sleepers but just for side sleepers.

            Your sleeping position matters a lot when it comes to back pain in your body. In this regard, Saatva performs better for all the three models.

            The confirming ability for Saatva is not highly impressive. It performs better than the average mattress. Sometimes if the mattresses are too soft, you find it difficult to move on and off the bed easily. In this respect, Saatva performs well. The models which are firmer perform better than the other models.

            You don’t feel like buying mattresses that smells bad. The odor of some mattresses last for a very longer period of time. But Saatva mattress performs well in this regard. The significant odor lasts only for a small span of time.


            Heat Retention

            Heat retention is considered to be as one of the most important property of a mattress. You can’t sleep comfortably and peacefully if sweat comes out of your body only because of the mattress. The Plush soft model of Saatva is most likely hotter than the other two models since a person will tend to go deeper into the mattress because of its softness. You will not face problems in the other models since they are firmer than the Plush Soft model.

            The requirements of different sized people are different in case of buying mattresses. Light weighted people would prefer to buy soft mattress while medium and heavy persons would prefer to buy the firmer ones. The Saatva mattress is suited for people who are average in size. Large sized people find more comfortable in luxury firm and firm mattress than in plush soft mattress. Since, large people exert more pressure on the bed; soft mattresses won’t be able to provide good support for such people.

            Saatva seems to produce significant noise from the springs. But, since the sound is not like the other mattress which produces more sound, your sleep will not be hindered.

            It is very important to keep maintaining your mattress. In order to do this, you have to rotate it at least once in a year to prevent it from sagging or wear. Since, the weight of the mattress is a bit heavy, it will be difficult for one person to rotate it. Therefore, more people would be required to lift and rotate the mattress.

            Thus, Saatva is a good option to buy if you are looking for innerspring mattresses and overall comfort.

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